Your Horoscope This Week

This week brings us an opportunity to go deep. We can discover hidden truths on Tuesday, when intellectual Mercury forms a trine with powerful Pluto retrograde. Our wit is sharpened, and it’s easier to think outside of the box as these planets complement each other. The transit helps us to understand various perspectives. On Wednesday, the Moon waxes full in dreamy Pisces, bringing an optimistic and hopeful energy. The full Moon also creates a sextile with enigmatic Uranus in retrograde, helping us to consider how we can make a positive change in our lives. On Wednesday, messenger Mercury makes a trine with rule-making Saturn. We’ll develop a keen eye for finer details, making it a perfect day to figure out how we can best accomplish our goals. There’s a lot of energy to burn off on Friday, when sensual Venus creates a square against fiery Mars. We may feel as though we’re ready to burst as these planets clash, but we can channel it into a steamy encounter, or put that fire towards getting physical. We’ll want to be conscious of our words during this transit, so we can manage inconveniences with grace. Luckily, witty Mercury also forms a sextile with charismatic Venus on Friday. This transit presents a beautiful opportunity to use our charms to socialise with ease.

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