NikkieTutorials Says She Has Identified Her Blackmailer

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After a month-long hiatus, Nikkie de Jager — better known as NikkieTutorials — is officially back to releasing beauty content on her YouTube page. This return comes two weeks after the Dutch makeup artist shared a video titled "I'm Coming Out," in which she revealed that she is transgender publicly for the first time.
The new video is in the "Get Ready With Me" format, where de Jager talks to the lens while doing her makeup — but in this particular video, she uses the camera time to air her thoughts following the emotional announcement. "In this video, I want to clear up some questions that I've been seeing around over the past few weeks, and I literally just want to be an open book to you," she says as she applies a pink and blue eyeshadow look, inspired by her recent symbolic manicure using colours from the Transgender Pride Flag.
After addressing the positive reactions and support she's received since her coming-out video, de Jager changed the subject to the blackmailer who threatened to out her to the press, which forced her to come forward with her story earlier than she wanted to. The YouTuber urged fans to leave the investigative work to officials rather posting theories online and attempting to track down the perpetrator themselves. "We need to stop the witch hunt that I've seen going around," she said. "You are destroying people's lives that aren't even involved in this. I ask you to stop this."
She continued with a message to media outlets that have also tried to uncover the blackmailer's identity: "I don't think that is your story to tell. If anyone's going to have the right to tell more about these blackmailers, it's going to be me."
With that, de Jager revealed that, with the help of police officials, she has identified the person who threatened her and retrieved their contact information. She also learned that this person went after people she knows, adding, "I even know... how they treated people around me to get more information on my true story." She goes on to open up about her own challenge in dealing with this information, and the question of whether she should publicly out them for their wrongdoing. "Everybody who does something wrong should be punished," de Jager says. "I have the power to destroy a life."
Rather than reveal her blackmailer, de Jager leans towards letting the positive outcome of her video serve as its own kind of justice. "If I out this person, am I gonna be doing the same as this person did to me? Do I want that?" she asks. "When I look at my situation... and everything that happened to me, that person has been punished." She acknowledges that her experience is an exception as she was able to reclaim her power on a large platform, but urges those who don't have that power of influence to seek help from loved ones and/or authorities if they find themselves in a similar situation.
Towards the end of the video, the makeup pro addresses one other concern, which is the accusations of her coming-out video being a publicity stunt — and how that led her to halt business endeavours for the time being. "I had been working on some really exciting future products; I delayed them, because in no way, shape, or form did I want this all to seem like a publicity stunt," de Jager said.
Negative responses aside, the YouTuber brings it full circle back to makeup in the video, and assures fans that the objective behind her channel isn't changing — it is, and always will be, "a love hub for makeup."
For support and advice on coming out, visit Stonewall.

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