How To Get That Viral Disney Instagram Story Filter

Photographed By Beth Sacca.
According to my new favourite Instagram Story filter, as far as Disney characters are concerned, I'm Captain Hook and Ursula. (I like to think of Captain Hook as my rising sign and Ursula as more of my moon sign.) And don't get me started on Harry Potter. Evidently, I'm Tom Riddle. TLDR; In case you missed it, everyone is bored this holiday season and yet another Instagram Story trend has swept the feeds: Namely, sharing with your following what Disney/Harry Potter characters best describe you.
The filters in question, called Which Disney? by arnopartissimo and Harry Potter Test by syilers, can be accessed either by clicking on the name of the specific filter when you see a friend post it to their Story, or by going to the filter creator's profile directly. Once you select the filter of your choice, make sure your camera is front-facing and that your face is detected.
The Disney filter will automatically shuffle through characters on a screen atop your head once you begin recording — among them, Ariel, Belle, Elsa from Frozen, and Simba — before landing on the character that best suits you. The Harry Potter one works the same way, but it requires a screen tap to get the shuffle going before telling you that you are Peter Pettigrew. It should be said, though, that both of these filters are entirely random every time — as evidenced by my evolution from Captain Hook to Ursula to Elsa (three, um, very different vibes).

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