Chrissy Teigen Calls Alt-Right Vlogger A ‘Weird Ass’ For Trolling Taylor Swift’s Fertility

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Taylor Swift is about to turn 30 — which is still young. Especially when you consider that Swift has won 10 Grammys (the most of any female artist), has the most awarded album in the history of country music, has put on the highest-grossing North American tour of a female artist this decade, and currently holds three spots on the top ten fastest selling albums list. She's accomplished a lot, and by the time that many of us are just starting to feel a little more settled in our adult lives. But according to one Older White Man, her time frame for reaching one last achievement — possibly the most important one of her life — is rapidly closing. That's right. Some guy on Twitter pulled the whole, 'When are you going to start having kids?' thing on Tay.
A person's fertility is absolutely no one's business — but that didn't stop alt-right personality Stefan Molyneux to voice his opinion on Swift's.
“I can’t believe Taylor Swift is about to turn 30 — she still looks so young!” Molyneux's bizarre tweet says. “It’s strange to think that 90% of her eggs are already gone — 97% by the time she turns 40 — so I hope she thinks about having kids before it’s too late! She’d be a fun mom. :)” OK boomer.
In a beautiful, six-word response that encompasses how we all feel about Molyneux's statement, Chrissy Teigen shut down the white nationalist by simply tweeting "uhhhh you’re a fuckin weird ass".
Other Twitter users voiced their support, responding with Handmaid's Tale gifs and saying things like, "Imagine thinking that a woman’s only purpose is to have kids and be a mom." Retweet.
This isn't Swift's first encounter with a sexist comment about her age. In an interview with Germany’s Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Swift was asked how she felt about turning 30 and if she thought she was ready to take the next step in her relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn — and she shut it down fast.
"I really do not think men are asked that question when they turn 30," Swift said, according to Entertainment Tonight. "So I'm not going to answer that question now." No matter where you stand on her music, I think we can all agree: That response was perfection.
Leading up to the big 3-0, Swift has endured many an interview regarding her age with grace.
"The more women are able to voice their discomfort in social situations, the more it becomes the social norm that people who ask the questions at parties like ‘When are you going to start a family?’ to someone as soon as they turn 25 are a little bit rude,” Swift said during an interview with People.
"It’s good that we’re allowed to say, ‘Hey, just so you know, we’re more than incubators," she continued. "You don’t have to ask that of someone just because they’re in their mid-20s and they’re a female."
If you ever find yourself put in a situation like Swift's, take a page from her book and tell them You Need To Calm Down.

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