Pete Davidson Just Got Real About His Struggle With Cystic Acne

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If you’re like us, you probably just perused Instagram during your usual lunchtime social-media scroll only to be greeted by Pete Davidson’s brand-new Paper magazine cover — and now, you probably have some questions. The Saturday Night Live star's Break The Internet spread is truly a sight to behold, and there are even more gems sprinkled throughout the text punctuated by scenes from his life as a "depressed Ken doll."
Davidson, who has been keeping a low profile lately, covered a lot of ground in the interview with writer/actor/friend Tommy Dorfman (who photographed and penned the feature), from the upcoming launch of his weed company to his mental health and skin-care routine. When asked to drop his regimen, Davidson revealed that his skin isn't always Barbie Dream House rainbows and unicorns due to his struggle with Crohn's disease. "My skin's insanely bad because I have Crohn's, so I have like no immune system," he said. "So, I get cystic acne, and I have to take extra-special care of my skin so it can still look shitty."
That extra care, Davidson said, includes taking isotretinoin, better known as Accutane, the controversial oral drug used to treat severe acne. The ingredient, which is a vitamin A derivative, works to destroy the oil glands that cause acne, dermatologist Dennis Gross, MD, previously explained to Refinery29. "Now I'm on Accutane, so I've been told I'm gonna be a little bit of a BITCH for the next six months," Davidson said in the interview (yes, verbatim).
No word on who, exactly, told Davidson the drug would have that effect on him, but personality changes related to Accutane aren't unheard of: The drug has worked wonders for many acne patients, but it's also been linked to a number of undesirable side effects and symptoms, including depression, mood swings, muscle pain, and suicidal thoughts.
More research is needed to support claims that Accutane directly causes these symptoms, but the fact remains that it can be life-changing for people who struggle with severe acne — and Pete Davidson may very well be one of them. And until then, he says, he's just "maintaining the shit."
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