Drake Got Booed Off Stage & Tyler the Creator Isn’t Happy About It

Photo: John Salangsang/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.
This weekend, thousands of passionate fans mobbed to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles to attend the eighth annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. The music festival, started by former Odd Future rapper (and confirmed Timothée Chalamet stan) Tyler the Creator, features some of the most popular current acts in music. The diverse lineup included Da Baby, FKA Twigs, Solange, Brockhampton, and unfortunately for some fans, Drake.
After being promised a surprise set from a major artist, Camp Flog Gnaw attendees were beside themselves with excitement, somehow believing that Tyler the Creator's former OFWGKTA bandmate Frank Ocean would be the obvious choice to close out the weekend. To their disappointment, October's very own Drake appeared onstage instead, performing a quick set of his most famous songs.
The crowd was unimpressed, loudly booing the Toronto rapper when he asked if he should continue his set. Upon hearing the unenthused reaction, Drake said his goodbyes and walked offstage for good. As expected by fans who know better, Hollywood's resident homebody Frank Ocean did not appear.
Today, Tyler the Creator logged onto Twitter to express some very strong opinions about the performance, calling the crowd's behaviour "so entitled and trash." Drake agreed to perform at Camp Flog Gnaw at Tyler's personal request, so the fans' outright rejected of the rapper was a disappointment to see. "THAT SHIT WAS LIKE MOB MENTALITY AND CANCEL CULTURE IN REAL LIFE," tweeted Tyler in his signature all caps. "AND I THINK THAT SHIT IS FUCKING TRASH."
Still, the Igor rapper was in good spirits about the outcome of the music festival, thanking Drake for showing up to perform. "HE REALLY DID THAT FOR ME AND I APPRECIATE IT BECAUSE HE DID NOT HAVE TO COME AT ALL," Tyler tweeted. "SEE OUR WORLDS COME TOGETHER WAS SO GREAT IN THEORY."

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