Charli XCX’s Taylor Swift Comments Spark Anger

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Charli XCX has "disappointed" some Taylor Swift fans with comments she made about acting as Swift's opener in a new Pitchfork interview.
In 2018, Charli XCX was one of the opening acts for Swift’s reputation tour. In the Pitchfork piece, Charli acknowledged she was “grateful” for Swift taking her on tour, but noted that there were some issues. Specifically, the Pitchfork interview notes that the opening acts started early, around 6 pm.
“I’m really grateful that [Taylor] asked me on that tour,” Charli told Pitchfork. “But as an artist, it kind of felt like I was getting up on stage and waving to five-year-olds.”
She also added that performing with Swift made her realise she didn't want to be an opening act anymore.
"I’ve done so much of it, and it really cemented my status as this underdog character, which I like now," she told the outlet. "But I need to just own my own fucking shit finally."
Many Swift fans were angered by the comment, and accused Charli of not appreciating Swift personally asking Charli to join her for the snake-themed tour. Many fans pointed out that the reputation tour broke records and became the highest-grossing tour of the United States in history, thus ensuring Charli much exposure. Many Swifties were particularly annoyed by her comment about Swift's fans being "five-year-olds," as they felt it was condescending to the pop star's fan base.
“i love charli and i loved her set but this doesn’t come off well,” one wrote on Twitter. “i understand taylor’s tour was a different vibe than she was used to but she doesn’t have to insult taylor’s fans lol i’m hoping this was taken out of context somehow.”
Still, some people stood up for Charli, noting that she likely meant she didn’t want to perform so early in the night, when younger people would be more likely to watch her as opener.
Charli has long talked about being a fan of Swift. After performing with Swift during her 1989 tour, Charli told People about how fun the experience was.
"We had a great time, and I got to go on one of those Britney [Spears] lifts where you stand and [the stage] raises you up," she said of her and Swift's performance of Charli's song "Boom Clap." "I was like, ‘Whoa, this is crazy!’ She’s always been very kind to me and I’m very excited for the [reputation] tour."
"The tour has been really good! It is definitely the longest tour I’ve been on," she told Rolling Stone. "It’s crazy playing stadiums. I feel really good! It’s me, Camila and Taylor…they’re so nice."
Refinery29 has reached out to Charli XCX for comment.

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