10 Things British Women Want From The Next Prime Minister

Photo by Bloomberg/Contributor/Getty Images.
As Theresa May's prime ministership draws to a close – and she desperately tries to ensure she's remembered for something other than a failed Brexit – it's time to start thinking about the future, and one that doesn't revolve solely around leaving the EU. Her inaugural speech may have contained worthy promises to eliminate seven "burning injustices" – from racism in the criminal justice system to young people's inability to afford a house – but she did little to put a dent in them during her three years in the job.
According to one BBC analysis, none of the inequalities she flagged as priorities in July 2016 has improved and many have actually worsened, so the next PM – Boris Johnson, most likely, or Jeremy Hunt – will have a lot to be getting on with besides Brexit when they take office at the end of the month. (However, neither candidate seems likely to prioritise social injustice judging from what we've seen so far in the leadership race, which has been light on domestic policy and dominated by Brexit and Boris Johnson's personal life.)
If the seemingly impossible were to happen and the next PM decided to sit up and take note of young women's domestic policy demands, what would they want to see? Refinery29 put the question to readers, charities and campaigners.

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