How Miley Cyrus Is Bringing A Bit Of Black Mirror To Her New Music

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As Miley Cyrus basks in the release of her new EP She Is Coming, the singer is bringing her own twist on Black Mirror to her promotional material. Appropriate, considering Cyrus is one of several famous faces populating the Netflix series' new season.
Posters for Cyrus' new album include a phone number which connects you directly to the star, who, in the poster, is holding a pink banana phone. Fans who call 1-833-SHE-ISMC will be greeted with a recording of Cyrus herself. (Unfortunately, Cyrus is a bit busy with her latest endeavours to literally hang out on the phone all day, but you can certainly pretend.)
Fans who call the 800 number are treated to one of a variety of messages, but the only way to know which one you'll score is to pick up the phone. Texting, thus far, does not seem to be an option.
In a particularly Black Mirror-esque twist, Billboard reports that what you say on the phone could be used in future promotional materials. I'd say be careful with your words, but Cyrus wouldn't like that so much: In a new video for the fun service, Cyrus lays it all out there.
"No, my momma's not home, but you should tell your mom I miss her," Cyrus says into the phone, then adding after a long sniff: "Even though I can still smell her on me."
For those who haven't read between the lines, Cyrus spells it out: "I fucked your mom," she whispers.
In addition to She Is Coming the first of three EPs, reports Billboard, which will contain six songs each — Cyrus channeled her pop star persona for season 5 Black Mirror episode "Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too." In the episode, Cyrus portrays a purple haired singer named Ashley, who, in true Black Mirror fashion, will have to deal with dilemmas of the technological variety.
For now, though, fans can use an antiquated piece of tech to get in touch with Cyrus: The call feature on their phones. Lucky us!

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