Billie Eilish Meeting Justin Bieber While Ariana Grande Performs Is Pure Art

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
Just because Billie Eilish is a 17-year-old superstar who has a seal of approval from Julia Roberts herself, doesn't mean that she won't lose her mind when meeting her musical idol. In Eilish's case, it was Justin Bieber who made her emotional mush over the weekend when the two ran into each other at Coachella.
Eilish watched Ariana Grande perform at the California desert music fest, when she was joined by none other than the Biebs.
In a video of the pair's first encounter, Eilish stands in disbelief, before literally doubling over in shock. Bieber's expression is unreadable, as he's wearing a face mask. (Likely to block out the sand and possibly to stop him from being rushed by fans.)
After Eilish overcomes her shock, she and Bieber silently embrace to the tune of Grande's "Bad Idea." It really is magic, you guys.
Eilish has a long professed love for Bieber. She revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she put a photo of Bieber up on her wall when she was 12-years-old and that he's been her idol ever since. (For the record, Eilish is 17, so it's not like that was that long ago.)
Though this was the pair's first encounter in real life, Bieber and Eilish have communicated via Instagram.
"The first thing he sent was a screenshot of a DM I sent him in 2014," said Eilish to Entertainment Tonight. "You know how, when you follow somebody, you can see everything they've DMed you in the past? It felt good and it felt bad at the same time. But he's amazing. He's so sweet."
She added, "Honestly, I feel for him, man. He's gone through a lot, dude."
Shortly after Eilish performed her own at Coachella, Bieber tweeted support to his new friend.
Pop stars supporting pop stars? Here for it.

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