All The Ways Brexit Will Affect Women In The UK

Photo: Sam Mellish/In Pictures/Getty Images.
#BrexitShambles has gripped the UK. The government may have won the confidence of MPs on Wednesday, following the historic Parliamentary vote on Theresa May's deal earlier in the week, but just about everything else is up in the air. What changes (if any) will be made to May's deal? Will there be a second referendum? Will Jeremy Corbyn ever publicly back a People's Vote (as most Labour members and many of his MPs want)? Crucially: will Brexit even happen at all? No one has a clue. Huge swathes of the population have disengaged from the process entirely and people are starting to wonder: will this saga ever end?
Whatever happens, if the UK leaves the EU there's a huge amount at stake, and since the Leave campaign won on 23rd June 2016, myriad research has concluded that it's women who will most likely bear the brunt of the Brexit fallout. Ahead, Refinery29 explores all the ways in which women could be affected in a post-Brexit world (and we'll update this article as more factors come to light). Deep breath.

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