Need A Pick-Me-Up? This Viral Twitter Thread Is So Heartwarming

modeled by Ella Gorenstein; photographed by Erin Yamagata; modeled by Jenny Gorenstein; produced by Sam Nodelman.
It's difficult not to have mixed feelings about Twitter. It can be a place where people, especially women and other marginalised groups, face some truly disgusting online abuse.
At times, Twitter can also feel like a slightly exhausting echo chamber where likeminded folks share the same views on issues as varied as Br***t and Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" music video.
But sometimes Twitter is, well, actually quite lovely. And so it proved earlier this week when young adult author Rachel Griffin asked her followers to "tell me something random about a person you love that makes you smile every time you think about it".
Griffin kicked off the thread by writing: "Mine is that whenever my husband sees a dragonfly, he watches in amazement and says in a tone of respect, 'they're such accomplished fliers.'"
And then Twitter really rose to the occasion. At the time of writing, Griffin's thread has attracted nearly 2,000 responses, ranging from the cute to the quirky, and the funny to the surprisingly poignant. Check out a selection of responses below.
Oh, and one or two responses in particular might just make you a bit emotional.
No, you are dabbing your eyes with a tissue right now.
Griffin herself said the stories "have totally brightened my day", adding: "Friends, if you need some cheering up, read through the replies of this thread!"
And if you're looking for another reason to feel better about Twitter, it's great to hear that the platform has recently clamped down on anti-trans activity by banning misgendering and deadnaming, among other forms of abuse.

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