Toasted Coconut Is The New, Instagram-Approved Hair Trend For Autumn

Toasted coconut isn't just something Nigella Lawson would totally use to top a cupcake. It's also a new, Instagram-approved hair trend that's perfect if you want to spruce up your 'do as summer segues into autumn.
To be precise, toasted coconut hair is a fresh spin on the popular bronde locks that everyone from Khloé Kardashian to Paris Hilton has tried in recent years. But instead of blending brown and blonde tones throughout the hair, toasted coconut is all about a beautiful root-to-tip transition effect, with dramatically dark roots slowly melting into luminous blonde ends.
Stylists say toasted coconut hair is an especially strong option if your natural hair colour is brunette, as obviously you already have the dark roots that anchors the look. But it's also possible to achieve a toasted coconut glow if your natural hair colour is grey or blonde; you'll just need to dye your hair with a base colour before adding the lightening effect.
And the practical bonus of going for toasted coconut hair this autumn? It grows out naturally without any tell-tale clear colour lines, in much the same way as ombré hair would.
It's worth noting, too, that stylists are also loving a slightly warmer take on the toasted coconut look, as seen in the photos below.
But if you're not convinced toasted coconut is for you, it's hardly the only hair trend sweeping Instagram right now. Other popular looks include shadow hair (strategically placing a darker-toned dye in the mid-lengths of hair to create a natural-looking shadow effect), midlights (combining light and dark tones for an overall seamless, sun-kissed finish) and oil slick hair (colouring multiple locks of hair with all manner of different shades, from pink to blue and green, in order to lend hair an oil slick effect).
And we're also into the gemlights trend, a new colouring technique that involves dyeing hair with shades inspired by gemstones and crystals like rose quartz (subtle pink), amethyst (lavender), angelite (sky blue) and green aventurine.

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