Oil Slick Hair Is The Bold New Trend Sweeping Instagram

When it comes to hair trends, it's fair to say that 2018 is the year that just keeps on giving.
This summer alone, we've spotted shadow hair (strategically placing darker dye in the mid-lengths to create a natural-looking shadow effect) and strandlighting (dyeing just a pinch of hair strands for a subtle but seriously pretty sun-kissed look), to name but a few Instagram-worthy trends taking the hair industry by storm. This week? It's all about oil slick hair, and it's probably the most picture perfect of them all.

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The 'oil slick' technique, which is making its way into hair salons all over the globe, involves colouring multiple locks of hair with all manner of different shades, from pink to blue and green, in order to lend hair an oil slick effect. You know the multicoloured rainbow pattern that spilled petrol creates on the pavement? That.
The good news? Unlike a handful of hair colour trends doing the rounds at the moment, this one isn't just for blondes, and if scrolling through Instagram is anything to go by, the 'oil slick' look undeniably pops on darker hair, giving it a little more dimension than usual.
You don't have to commit wholeheartedly to the trend, either, because hair colourists are championing 'peekaboo' oil slick hair, too. It involves dyeing just the bottom layer of hair, so that the top layer falls over it ever so slightly, exposing the colour as you move.
The technique can be pretty intricate, so we'd suggest getting a professional in (if you're in London, Not Another Salon is arguably one of the best for bold colours), but if you're not willing to commit, give L'Oreal's Colorista Hair Makeup, £6.99, a go at home.

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And remember, if you're opting for permanent colour, adding on an Olaplex or INNOluxe treatment will not only rebuild and strengthen the bonds in your hair post-dye, but is pretty much guaranteed to give it a glossy look that'll only enhance the oil slick effect.
Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to book a salon appointment.

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