Beyoncé's Advice To Normani Was Life Altering

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Sure, When Harry Met Sally is great and all, but we're more interested in seeing when Beyoncé met Normani. The former Fifth Harmony member, who's gone solo and earned a fan in Blue Ivy, got a chance to meet Beyoncé, or as she prefers to call her, "my queen" – and it was "best seven minutes of my life, "she told Refinery29 on the 2018 Billboard Music Awards red carpet.
In that brief but heavenly encounter, Normani Kordei not only got a Beyoncé co-sign, but also got some personal and career advice from the global icon. Can you even?!
In an interview with Hot 97 last month, Normani went into detail about that magical meeting. "When I met her we just casually talked. She was like 'Oh my gosh' she didn't even give me a chance to introduce myself," Normani told the radio station last month. "She looks at me she says, 'Oh my gosh, I've been waiting so long to meet you.'"
"She was just like 'you keep doing your thing. I'm really proud of you. I'm watching you,'" Normani told Hot 97. And now, thanks to her single "Love Lies" with Khalid we're all watching her.
Like Destiny's Child alum Beyoncé, Normani is also trying to forge her own way without her former girl group. Now that Fifth Harmony's on hiatus and Normani's gone out on her own, she says she thinks she's tapped into her inner goddess – or her inner Beyoncé, if you will.
"Honestly, I think that I'm a lot stronger than I ever gave myself credit for before," Normani told Refinery29 at the BBMAs. "I'm always my worst critic, and I don't wake up the most confident all the time. Even though I may look like it right now. Just learning to trust myself has been a process, but I think I'm getting a hold of that now."
That's pretty good advice for the rest of us who probably won't get to meet Beyoncé anytime soon (or ever). Watch the video now – and check out Normani's reaction when Refiner29's Arianna Davis tells her Blue Ivy's a fan!

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