London Radio Station Shuts Down After Sexual Harassment & Racism Claims

A London-based radio station has gone off air after a string of allegations of sexual harassment, racism and homophobia, and the mass resignation of its DJs and producers.
Several young people with experience working at Radar Radio have severed ties with the station, issuing statements on social media this week. The station announced it would be "suspend[ing] broadcasting" until the accusations were addressed.
The three-year-old station, owned by Ollie Ashley, the son of billionaire founder of Sports Direct Mike Ashley, is a well-respected platform for young musicians and broadcasters, and has hosted guests including Cardi B, M.I.A, and JME.
The controversy began when the DJ collective Pxssy Palace, which had a show on Radar, released a statement announcing it would no longer be working with the station after "a string of disappointing experiences".
In the social media post Pxssy Palace alleged that the station had allowed "the airing of sexist, homophobic and transphobic shows", enabled "organisational racism" in the form of unequal pay and promotion opportunities, and "[created] an uncomfortable and toxic environment", the BBC reported.
The station responded to the allegations in a statement on Friday, saying it was "concerned and disappointed to see [Pxssy Palace's] statement" suggesting it was "getting some important aspects wrong".
It apologised to anyone who felt "unsafe or discriminated against" at the station. "We don’t agree with all the opinions in that statement but like most organisations we know we are capable of making mistakes and have to be vigilant to maintain standards. We have taken immediate action to review and assess any shortcomings with the input of all Radar staff, especially those who are female, LGBTQI+ and POC."
The statement provoked a flurry of allegations from other DJs and producers on social media, including a detailed blog entry by Ashtart Al-Hurra, a former studio assistant and producer at the station, on her blog Mixed Spices on Friday. In the post, titled "I’m a Woman of Colour Who Was Mistreated at Radar Radio – Their Reaction to Pxssy Palace’s Leaving Statement Was Absolute Trash. Here's Why", Al-Hurra said she was "one of [the] women of colour staff" who had been mistreated at Radar.
She said she was "sexually harassed, like, fucking tonnes, by dickhead dj dudes", adding: "This is shit for anybody, but triggering especially for me, as I’m a survivor of child abuse, domestic abuse and r*pe (which I was dealing with at the time)."
When she complained to Radar's management, she wrote that she "was told that what happened 'just sounded like small things', that 'it’s just boys being boys', and that 'they’re just chirpsing'. They concluded by saying that I should tell a manager (which I had done) or 'stay silent on the topic'."
Many others affiliated with the station tweeted that they would be severing ties.
Refinery29 has contacted Radar Radio for comment.
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