An Alt-Right 'Feminist' Group Is Coming To London & There's Already Backlash

A far-right European feminist group accused of racialising sexual violence will arrive in London to deliver a controversial talk this weekend.
The group, named #120db and based in Germany, takes its name from the sound volume of a personal pocket alarm. They claim to highlight the problem of "imported violence", by which they mean sexual violence committed by migrants. #120db is a pan-European and staunchly anti-immigration group that opposes Europe's "wrong immigration policy", which it says puts women and girls at risk.
The group sparked a backlash in the UK this week after it emerged that it would be giving a talk to "promote free speech and represent victims of mass migrant abuse" at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park in London on Sunday 15th April.
The UK-based Anti-Fascist Network, made up of independent and grassroots anti-fascist groups, is retaliating by staging a counter-talk at the same location from 10am on the same day. Its 'Anti Fascist Feminism' event will address "the kinds of violence women face... and what we can do about it."
Part of the uproar against #120db stems from the fact that one of the group's founders, Annika Franziska, who will be giving Sunday's talk, is a member of Generation Identity, a European-wide 'identitarian' movement that Hope Not Hate says advocates 'ethnopluralism', namely, segregation along racial lines. Online magazine for WoC gal-dem describes Generation Identity as an "abhorrent racist movement".
Franziska will also be talking at a 'European Reunion conference' hosted by Generation Identity in London on Saturday 14th April, which aims to "help people learn more about the Identitarian movement", a white nationalist movement that began in France and calls for an end to multiculturalism.
Hope Not Hate said the conference was "evidence of the importance the [Generation Identity] leadership in Europe are placing on the fledgling UK branch as their gateway to the Anglosphere," and told Refinery29 that GI members are also likely to be in attendance at Franziska's talk on Sunday.
Franziska and co say their movement is "the true #MeToo" and they have been described as "attempting to ride the coattails" of the feminist hashtag. In a promotional video for #120db on its website, titled "#120dB The Truth Behind European Immigration", a number of women who say they represent victims of sexual violence state that they "are not secure" as they go about their daily lives, due to Europe's open borders and immigration policy.
"Because of your immigration policies, we are facing soon a majority of young men that come from archaic societies with no women's rights," says one woman in the video.
The women continue: "It can't go on like this. Pepper spray and pocket alarms already are the basic equipment of European women. Going jogging has become the most dangerous sport for us. We are not putting up with this. We get organised. We defend ourselves. We strike back."
The group claims they are not racist, saying: "You will find many statistics, which show you how there is a clear connection between increasing migration and increasing reports of sexual assault.” Many migrants, they claim, are influenced by "the misogynistic cultural-conditioning that [they] inherit from majority-Muslim countries where in many cases women are treated like second-class citizens."
However, the Anti-Fascist Network argues that #120db "peddle fake news and capitalise on abuse for their own political purposes", calling the group's tactics "fascism 101".
"They ask their governments to shut down borders, deport migrants (and the usual junk) claiming that migrants and refugees are responsible for a 'sexual violence epidemic in our streets' (sound familiar?). They say they care about women and don’t understand why other feminist movements don’t. In other words, White Supremacist nonsense pretending to be feminism."
The network is calling on its supporters to bring banners, snacks and glitter to its anti-fascist feminist event: "Let's make this into a party!"
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