Frank Body Has A New Body Scrub Even Coffee Haters Will Love

If your idea of self-care comes with a side of aromatic coffee grounds, then Frank Body's Original Coffee Scrub is for you. But if you prefer your body not to smell like your morning Americano — and your products not to clog your drain and turn your tub brown — there's something new from the cult-fave Aussie beauty brand for you, too: the Express-O Scrub.
The Original Coffee Scrub has plenty of fans who love the insane exfoliation results it delivers, but haters say it's too messy (it is pretty tricky to keep water from getting in the resealable pouch). So the brand decided to introduce another option — a creamier, whipped version — that keeps all the good stuff while addressing the inconveniences.
Express-O Scrub is made with many of the same lovely ingredients from the original formulation, like sweet almond oil and Robusta coffee grounds, in addition to cinnamon, macadamia oil, and sugar (for added exfoliation). As a result, the final product smells more like a snickerdoodle latte than an espresso — but it's still enough to wake you up slightly before your actual cup of caffeine hits. The best part, though, might be the packaging: a squeezable pouch with a cap that lets you easily dispense the precise amount of product straight onto your body. (And you're going to want to be precise, because this stuff can go fast if you're not careful.)
There's really nothing to complain about now: You'll step out of the shower with soft, glowing skin, smelling faintly of cookies, with absolutely no need to Google emergency plumbers.
Frank Body Express-O Coffee Scrub, £14.95, available at Frank Body.

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