You Can Now Buy Eco-Friendly Coffee Pods

Cutting down on plastic waste isn't a trendy lifestyle choice. It's completely necessary to preserve our environment for future generations and make horrifying viral videos like this one a thing of the past.
Last month, the government announced plans to introduce a "deposit return scheme" in England to crack down on plastic bottle waste.
Meanwhile, plastic-free supermarket aisles and zero-waste shops are springing up with increased frequency. Bans on common single-use plastic items like bags, straws and microbeads are being implemented, and campaigners are lobbying to discourage coffee chains from using disposable cups.
Now we're being given the option to cut back on plastic waste in another area of everyday life: coffee pods. Typical Nespresso or Nespresso-compatible pods are made from a mixture of plastic and aluminium which is difficult to dispose of. They can be so detrimental to the environment that the city of Hamburg actually banned them from state-run buildings two years ago.
However, a new range of biodegradable coffee pods created by The Eden Project cause no environmental damage because they break down into simple raw materials in a matter of weeks. Once you've enjoyed your coffee, you can simply add the empty pod to a compost heap or your regular recycling bin.
The Eden Project says the packaging they come in features vegetarian inks and is also 100% recyclable and compostable.
The organisation's commercial manager Tracey Smith said: "At Eden we are always searching for sustainable solutions and looking to reduce waste. These fully compostable capsules allow coffee lovers to enjoy delicious ethically-sourced coffees without creating additional plastic waste”.
The eco-friendly coffee pods come in four flavours: Colombian, Guatemalan, Costa Rican and Italian Espresso Decaffeinated. They're on sale now at stores including Waitrose.
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