'Wholesome' Memes Are Taking Over Instagram & They're Just What You Need Today

Meme culture has completely transformed the internet, from demystifying mental health to commenting on the politics of our time. Memes allow online users to tackle difficult topics with humour, creativity and customisation. A lot of the time, memes become popular by making someone else the punchline, but teenagers and millennials are challenging that with 'wholesome' memes trending on Instagram. Under the hashtags #wholesomememes (152,000 posts and counting) and #purememes (16,000 posts), young people are sharing supportive, kind messages with each other.
The UK-based Instagram users @loveandattention and @loveandwholesome use videos and images covered in heart emoji to share positive messages with their followers, reminding them that everyone deserves love. In the US, users @wholesomememes and @wholesome_memes_ post content with animals and cartoons which looks fluffy but also promotes positive mental health messages, mutual respect and friendship. With conversations about kindness, tolerance and self-care trending both on and offline, we're liking that wholesome memes are going viral.
Here are some of our favourite #wholesomememes to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside...

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