You Will Not Believe How Brands Fake "Good" Hair In Adverts

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
For every delicious charbroiled burger or dripping ice cream sundae you see in a TV Adverts, there's a whole team of prop stylists working behind the scenes with shoe polish and mashed potatoes to get the food looking just right. And hair adverts are no exception. With those cascading, free-flowing waves comes a whole lot of trickery — and Suave, a brand that previously employed them itself, is setting the record straight.
"If you really step back and look at some of the haircare commercials out there, you'll realize just how unrealistic some of them are," says Jennifer Bremner, the director of marketing for the brand. "The industry has been able to fly under the radar."
So what really goes down? Turns out, green screens, fishing rods, styrofoam balls, and more advertising tricks that might look hilarious — but are also pretty misleading for people trying to figure out why they can't yield the same results they see in a shampoo or hairspray commercial. Ahead, an inside look at the hair stunts you haven't seen until now.

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