This 'Instagram-Powered Restaurant' Will Choose Your Food For You

Photo: Tayler Smith.
Are you an indecisive diner who drives your friends to distraction by spending an age choosing from a menu? Or, are you someone who picks the exact same thing every time you eat out, then regrets it afterwards because it means you never try anything new? If so, a new "Instagram-powered" pop-up restaurant could be just the thing.
The Eat Your Feed pop-up restaurant devised by Knorr (yes, the stock cube people) promises to choose a meal for you by looking at the pictures you've posted on Instagram. According to Knorr's blurb, the pop-up will use a "unique new tool that analyses [diners'] Instagram feed to match the places they have been, who they have spent time with and the experiences that they have shared, to tasty and personalised one-pot recipes".
Obviously Knorr has concocted the pop-up as a publicity stunt (albeit a very fun and innovative one), so your meal will inevitably be cooked using one of their stock cubes. But aside from that, you can apparently "expect to be served anything from a traditional French beef bourguignôn, to a spicy Moroccan lamb tagine. Or, classic risotto primavera to flavoursome Greek Meatballs with Feta."
In fact, Knorr promises that "no cuisine is off limits as each dish will be based entirely on each diner’s personal Instagram feed".
The Eat Your Feed pop-up will serve diners for one night only, 11th April, at the Jones & Sons restaurant in East London's Dalston. To accompany your Instagram-chosen main meal, you'll be given bread and olives, family-style sides, petits fours, coffee and two drinks, all for free. You just need to sign up on the dedicated website and hope you're selected to take part. Best of luck, and I won't judge if you try to 'Nigella up' your feed a bit before you go.
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