McDonald's Ruthlessly Mocked For 'Celebrating Women' On International Women's Day

McDonald's turned its famous golden arches logo upside down as a tribute to women on International Women's Day and people are most definitely not loving it.
The fast food giant made the gesture on its website and across its US Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts and at a restaurant in Lynwood, California, on Thursday 8th March, sparking a wave of criticism on social media from people who aren't impressed by the idea of "WcDonalds".
"We recognise the extraordinary contribution of women. From employees and franchisees, to suppliers and community partners, to our customers, we are inspired by your strength and leadership," the company wrote on a special International Women's Day page on its website, adding that six out of 10 of all of its restaurant managers in the US are women.
"So, in honour of women everywhere, we're flipping our iconic logo for International Women's Day. Today, we celebrate you," it continued. While the gesture may have been well intentioned, judging by the social media reaction it has backfired spectacularly.
Many people have lambasted the multi-national for co-opting a day meant for honouring women's achievements and pushing for further progress towards gender equality, describing the stunt as a shining example of corporate-friendly "McFeminism". (But, of course, McDonald's is far from the only company that has used the day as a springboard for marketing itself.)
Others just straight up mocked it. Some slammed it as evidence of an incompetent marketing team, while others drew parallels with a SpongeBob SquarePants plotline.
But McDonald's did show evidence of some self awareness in relation to gender issues. In an essay by its global chief diversity officer, Wendy Lewis, published on Medium on 6th March, the company admitted it wasn't perfect when it comes to women.
"We know we have work to do and are committed to listening and working with others across business, government and our communities to improve and make stories like Yazmin’s [a McDonald's manager named in the article] in particular the norm, not the exception," Lewis wrote. When that happens, we'll celebrate.
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