Comedian Replies Hilariously To Every Man On Twitter Asking 'When's International Men's Day?'

Happy International Women's Day! The one day of the year we explicitly honour the contributions of women and girls and push for progress on gender inequality – and yet, somehow, some men still find a way to make it all about them. Today is pretty much International "When's International Men's Day?" Day.
It's a stupid question, obviously, not just because aside from every day basically being a celebration of men, there actually is an annual International Men's Day, which has happened on every 19th November since the 1990s.
Someone who's frankly bored of men asking if there's an International Men's Day is Richard Herring. Every year, the crusading comedian spends 8th March replying to as many such queries on Twitter as possible, and this year is no different.
Here's just a snippet of some of his golden rejoinders so far today at @Herring1967. Follow him, favourite him and retweet ASAP.
@cyclingbhoy asked: "Just wondering if there's an 'international men's day' if not one should start from next year,I don't like all this discrimination against us #InternationalWomenDay2018 #InternationalWomensDay."
"Wondering when is international men's day?" pondered @Dizzie56Rich.
@KevPalmer4 demanded: "So when do we get are International men's Day?????"
"When is International men's day? Asking for a mate," queries @darrenbrodie92.
"When shall we get an International Men's Day," wondered @mukhopadhyayt, adding a chin-stroke emoji for effect.
The sarcastic @taekwondocopper certainly met his match. "Suppose I’ll get fired for asking when International Men’s Day is? #internationalwomensday2018."
@KeithMatshe, who, no joke, calls himself "Mr_know_it_all" tweeted with seemingly no self-awareness: "When is International men's day."
"Which day is International Men’s day? I can’t seem to find it," mused @1funkster.
"When is International men’s day??" bellowed @Jamie_brown1. "Asking for a non sexist."
The catchily named @T95196790, with impeccable grammar and punctuation to boot, asked: "So when is it International man day? Since we do everything or is that sexist."
@Pete_r_Knox's passionate ignorance really got Herring fired up: "What the fuck is this #InternationalWomensDay bullshit? Why isn't there an international men's day? So much for equality, huh!"
Not only is Herring fighting the good fight, he's also raising money for the domestic violence charity Refuge. He's also surpassed his £50k on his JustGiving page at the time of writing and the figure keeps growing and growing – a seriously impressive feat for someone spending the day on social media.
He does it, he explains, "so that everyone else can get on with celebrating International Women's Day and using it to raise awareness of the issues that affect women. And trying to achieve equality."
He's "not denigrating the people who use [International Men's Day] to raise awareness" – after all, he does more than most to raise awareness for the day, he explains, but he believes striving for equality will help both sexes.
"It's really just a bit of fun to point out how unoriginal people are being and also answer the question that they don't expect has an answer," he continues, adding that the number of people asking never seems to decrease, so it's a busy day for him.
"I thought this year it would be nice if we raised some money along the way, to turn stupid or negative comments by people who don't understand how to google into something that will be positive and helpful."
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