The Astrological Explanation For People Who "Don't Do Labels"

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You scorn tradition, hate the idea of working a steady 9-5 job, and shudder at the thought of living in a two-story house with your 2.5 children. In short, you tend to take the path less travelled, regardless of what those around you suggest.
If you're an out-there Aquarius, you can easily point to that as the source of your rebellious streak — your sign is, after all, the antiauthoritarian of the Zodiac. But you could be a by-the-books Capricorn or people-pleasing Libra and still have an Aquarian desire to flout convention. There's actually a simple way to explain why you possess that trait — you just have to look beyond your sun sign.
Even if your sun sign (the sign that you normally read your horoscope for) isn't Aquarius, another one of your planetary signs might be. (To find out where the planets were when you were born, you'll need to have your birth chart drawn up and read.) Simply put, having planets in Aquarius can indicate stubbornness and a desire to rebel against the norm.
When you check out your chart, you'll want to keep an eye out for an Aquarian rising, moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars sign, in particular. Where your rising sign shows how you present yourself to new people, your moon sign reveals your subconscious and emotional self — think of them as opposite sides of the same coin. And then the positions of those three inner planets can affect your social life, love life, plus your actions and decisions. In other words, these areas of your chart have the most immediate influence on your everyday life and behaviour. They're the pieces to the puzzle that is your personality — and where that rebellious streak lies.
For example, if you have Venus, planet of love and affection, in Aquarius, you might act a little aloof around your crush. And once you get together with someone, you probably aren't that "into" labels. You'd rather get to know your partner as a person you can call your friend and your lover. Even when you're in a relationship, you crave independence and avoid conventional demonstrations of love and commitment. That dislike for what's considered "normal" only applies to your love life
Meanwhile, having an Aquarian Mercury will have an effect on your communication style, sense of humour, and daily interactions with others. So, yes, you might notice this placement a little more than if you only had, say, Venus in Aquarius. You like to play Devil's advocate during debates and don't mind challenging others on their ideas and opinions. Since Aquarius is an air sign, you may flit from subject to subject during conversations. But despite your breezy approach to chat, you tend to be a deep well of information on very specific topics.
While these placements can contribute to an overall rebellious, even defiant, attitude, you can't act like a contrarian jerk and expect to get away with it just because you have a planet or two in Aquarius. So, don't let any newfound knowledge about your astrological identity go to your head — just let it inform why you're such a rule-breaking cool customer (Aquarians probably have a cooler way of saying it).

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