This Uber Driver's Sarcastic Spotify Playlists Will Make Your Day

Sometimes, all we want from our Uber driver at the end of a night out is mellow Magic FM or the soothing tones of Smooth Radio, but there are times when something better tailored to our individual music tastes would go down a treat.
One driver got the memo and has become a social media sensation after sharing the playlists they curated for passengers of different demographics, based on quiet assumptions about their music tastes.
Twitter user @TEEJUS___, who works for Uber and Lyft and uses they/them pronouns, shared screenshots of the nine playlists and their hilarious names, which include "basic 20-30s" and "fucking hipsters". The idea has since gone viral, with the original tweet having racked up 46k retweets and 213k likes by Tuesday afternoon.
Other available playlists, all of which are public under the Spotify username TJ Jones, include “white dudes who look like [they] like rap", "quiet ppl", "heady bros", "POC (people of colour)" and "30+".
Each one contains 20-30 songs catering to the named demographic, so on the "basic 20s-30s" playlist you'll find Fleetwood Mac, Drake and Sia, for example; "quiet ppl" are assumed to like Frankie Cosmos, Porches and Sufjan Stevens, and "white dudes who look like they like rap"? Kanye West, Future and Chance the Rapper.
Jones has proven to be quite the entrepreneur, capitalising on their moment in the online spotlight by offering to categorise people for $5.
Other fans are outing themselves on social media as identifying with the categories and going wild for the mix of songs on offer.
Jones has even received job offers owing to his superb music curation, with fans lobbying for them to be hired by Spotify.
And it looks like we could be treated to some new playlists soon, including “hype up for drunk white girls 20’s”! Let's hope other drivers are taking notes.
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