Spice Up Your Life With Golden Girls Hot Sauce

Photo: Always Fits.
Always Fits has released a collection of four Golden Girls inspired hot sauces perfect for getting your favourite girlfriends, the Golden Girls superfans in your life, and probably your grandmother who watched the show when it originally aired.
The hot sauces are each named after one of the characters from the classic TV show, reports Delish. There's "Bea Spicy" for Beatrice Arthur's Dorothy Zbornak character, Betty White's character Rose Nylund has one named "Desert Rose," for Rue McClanahan's Blache Devereaux there is one named "Hot Slut," and "Sicilian Fire" for Estelle Getty's Sophia Petrillo. Two of the sauces, "Bea Spicy" and "Desert Rose," are a bit milder jalapeño-based hot sauce, while "Hot Slut" and "Sicilian Fire" as you might have guessed from the names are much spicier and made from habaneros. Now you can be as spicy as Blanche, but let's face it, will anyone be as spicy as her? We might not agree with the word slut to describe Blanche Devereaux, but we're sure the hot sauce could be a great addition to hot wings. So, whichever your preference, you will undoubtedly be able to find your favourite. For something in between, you might even be able to combine them. The Golden Girls were always best when they were together, anyway!
You can buy them individually for $10 (£7.16) each or as a set of four for $32 (£22.92) + shipping to the UK. Given there viral popularity, Always Fits is already letting buyers know that it might take a little extra time to ship due to high demand. However, once you do get them, might I suggest a night in with friends of tacos topped with your chosen hot sauce and binge-watching Golden Girls? What better way to appreciate an iconic show and an equally iconic sauce?
Friends. Golden Girls. Tacos. Hot Sauce. Is there a more perfect way to spend an evening?

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