The Dating App From Black Mirror Is Now A Real Thing

Black Mirror season four received mixed reviews when it came out late last year, but one of the most talked-about episodes was "Hang the DJ". The thought-provoking instalment delves into the murky waters of online dating and centres around an app that can tell matched couples how long their relationships will last.
Now, in what could prove to be a serious dampener on your Valentine's Day, Netflix has launched a real-life version of the episode's dating system. You can try it out by visiting and clicking a button.
"Trying to find out if your partner is the ultimate match? Put your trust in the system," it urges. You'll then be given a link to send to your other half and once the process has begun, you'll both have to wait five seconds for the dreaded figure.
If only one of you decides to check, however, your initial prediction will "recalibrate" and you'll both be punished for that person wanting to know if they're wasting time in the relationship, just like in "Hang the DJ".
(In case you haven't seen the Black Mirror episode, beware spoilers ahead)
In the episode, which takes its name from the song “Panic” by The Smiths, Amy and Frank are trying to find their perfect partner using technology. They're matched and realise on their first date that they like each other more than the 12-hour shelf life, decided by the app, would suggest.
The couple, played by Georgina Campbell and Joe Cole, eventually rebel against the technology before realising that the whole thing was a simulation designed to test their bond. They passed – having rebelled against the system 99.8% of the time. When the real Frank and Amy meet IRL at the end of the episode, they're the perfect match.
It's no wonder "Hang the DJ" has been dubbed as this season's feel-good "San Junipero," one of most-loved episodes of season three.
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