Trump Criticised The NHS & Twitter Is Not Having It

If there are two things that will unite the British public, it's a disdain for Donald Trump and a love for nationalised healthcare. NHS doctors are therefore thanking the US president for bringing the country together behind the health service after he slammed it on Twitter.
In a tweet this afternoon, Trump criticised the US Democrats for "pushing for universal healthcare while thousands of people are marching in the UK because their [universal] system is going broke and not working."
What a way to offend the entire British population in one fell swoop. Many have pointed out that Trump posted the tweet just minutes after Nigel Farage appeared on Trump's favourite TV show, Fox & Friends, blaming the current NHS crisis on immigration as opposed to underfunding.
Health professionals, politicians, academics, journalists and members of the public quickly took to Twitter to defend the NHS. Health secretary Jeremy Hunt, who many have blamed for the service's current struggles, said he was "proud" of our system of universal health coverage. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable also rallied behind it, saying Trump had got his facts wrong.
Many others – even the president's best pal Piers Morgan – also said he had crossed the line by insulting the NHS. "Our NHS is a wonderful, albeit imperfect, health system – and the envy of the world," Morgan tweeted, while the US healthcare system was "a sick joke & the envy of no-one".
Just days after thousands of demonstrators took to London's streets in a bid to save the NHS, healthcare professionals and campaigners weren't going to take the uninformed criticism lying down, either.
Many others were even more to-the-point.
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