This New Dating App Allows You To Rate & Review Your Dates

Photographed By Erin Yamagata.
Sitting through a bad date can be an incredibly deflating experience, especially if you'd been looking forward to it beforehand. But afterwards, would you want to make your feelings about the experience completely public?
Well, a new dating app has been launched which allows you to do just that. Do I Date promises to bring "an unprecedented level of openness to dating" by inviting users to give their dates an Uber-style star rating and TripAdvisor-style review.
Thankfully, the app's creators Terry Amsbury and Jamie Forsyth have built in a few safeguards to prevent the review function from being abused. A user can only create a review for someone if they have their mobile number, and the person being reviewed will immediately be notified by text. They'll then be given the opportunity to remove the review if they object to it in any way.
Meanwhile, the person leaving the review will remain anonymous, preventing any unwanted clap backs or drawn-out date post-mortems.
Still, you've probably thought of a few flaws already. What's to stop someone from removing every negative comment they receive in order to inflate their star rating? Won't the prospect of a bad review make dating even more nerve-wracking than it already is? And isn't the whole thing super-subjective anyway? What one person regards as a "good date" could be pretty unappealing for someone else.
Then again, Do I Date's review function could still prove useful. Even if you and your date don't have that elusive "spark", you might still really enjoy your time together. And praising someone for being polite, pleasant and fun company can only be a good thing. The app's creators also reckon it could lead to better dating etiquette. "If someone leaves you a bad review, anonymously, you sort your act out," Amsbury told London's Evening Standard.
Are you convinced? Do I Date's been around for eight weeks now, so if you fancy giving it a try, go ahead and get swiping.
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