A Call Me By Your Name Fan Recreated The Romantic Scenes In Italy

Photo: Via @blueviolet.
It's difficult to imagine Call Me By Your Name being set anywhere other than northern Italy. The ancient buildings, glistening waters and sun-drenched gardens make it one of the most ravishing films of Oscar season.
It serves as an extremely effective unofficial tourism campaign for the the small Lombardian town of Crema, less than an hour from Milan, where the film was shot – and fans are flocking there to pay homage. One such devotee is Zineb Bayad, who flew there to match stills of some of the most romantic scenes to their real-life locations.
Bayad, a French university student, posted the results on Twitter, accompanied by song lyrics from the film's soundtrack (Sufjan Stevens' "Mystery of Love"), and went suitably viral, garnering thousands of likes and retweets.
"I always wanted to visit it and the movie motivated me even more," Bayad told Insider, adding that she decided to make the week-long pilgrimage before she started school at the end of the month. She described the film as an "ethereal experience", one that prompted her to create her own memories based on it.
"This movie has helped me so much, first because of its lesson about love and self acceptance. It helped me to embrace my sexuality and take my mind away during some hard times," she told Insider, adding that she did most of her research while she was there.
"It felt like a dream. I was honestly so overwhelmed I cried a lot," she continued. "It is just an amazing experience. It just hit me how beautiful and unforgettable this movie is." We'll bet the Italian tourist board will continue to reap the benefits of the film for a long time.
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