Lush's Newest Launch Looks Like A Bath Bomb — But Is Way More Hydrating

Lush may have more bath products than you can count on both hands and feet, but after last year's announcement that the brand would be discontinuing some of its cult items, we were fully prepared for more innovative launches in 2018. Luckily, Lush delivered the goods — and just dropped 17 (!) solid bath oils.
Starting from 5th January, you'll be able to get your hands on the entire range. Similar to the bath bombs that made the company famous, this new product can be dropped into a warm tub and will explode with intoxicating essential oils to put you in any mood. Whether you want to feel grounded, energised, or relaxed, Lush has you covered. Even better? Like most of its products, these come sans packaging — so you can feel good about lightening your carbon footprint when buying in bulk. (Even the shimmer is made of synthetic mica, so it's safe for the environment.)
If your new year resolution includes meditating, committing to rolling out that yoga mat every week, or just taking more baths, these solid oils will put you right on track. Click ahead to check out the entire collection.

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