Crystal Sex Toys Exist & This Is What You Need To Know

Crystals haven’t just soared in popularity, they can now be found in nearly every part of our lives – there's gemstone energy-infused skincare, aura-cleansing home sprays and even cosmic chocolate. But the latest product to harness the healing powers of crystals that has caught our eye? Crystal sex toys.
Enter ‘Chakrubs’, sex toys made from different stones for different spiritual uses. “I came up with the concept of Chakrubs in 2011 when I was working in an adult shop and living with a spiritual teacher who deepened my understanding of crystal healing,” says Chakrubs founder Vanessa Cuccia. “I wanted to create a mindful practice that sensitises you to subtle energetic vibrations, creating a more emotional connection. This is what I needed when I created the concept – a great orgasm, plus a way to connect to myself on a deeper level.”
Vanessa knew there were plenty of products on the market that provided physical pleasure, but none that addressed the wealth of emotions or personal issues most of us have around sexuality. “For me, it was about healing from sexual trauma,” says Vanessa. “Others may have a broken heart, or simply feel disconnected from themselves. Crystals’ metaphysical properties, combined with your own sexual energy, allows for personal development.”
On Chakrubs’ website, which is US-based but ships worldwide, there are dildos of different shapes and sizes, as well as butt plugs, yoni eggs (egg-shaped crystals to be placed inside the vagina), prostate massagers and nunchuck toys (two dildos attached via a chain, for double penetration).
But Vanessa avoids describing the toys as ‘dildos’. “The definition of a ‘dildo’ is an anatomical copy of a penis used for sexual stimulation,” she says. “Chakrubs are focused on the female anatomy, and what shape feels good for women’s bodies, not simply a fake penis. The word ‘Chakrub’ encapsulates more than ‘dildo’ does.”
So how do you know which Chakrub is for you? It depends on how you want to feel – different crystals help to remedy certain negative emotions, or heighten calmness and spirituality.
'The Original Xaga', a seven-inch sex toy made from 100% natural black obsidian crystal, helps to absorb negative energy and mental stress. It’s a protection stone, providing strength, support and emotional wellbeing. Or there’s the rose quartz Chakrub – ‘The Original Heart’ – which helps to open the heart chakra, circulating a loving energy and dissolving emotional wounds, fears and insecurities. It promotes self-esteem and self-worth, giving us clarity with the relationships in our lives. Other crystals include empowering aventurine, calming Indian jade and grief-easing amethyst.
But what do the women using Chakrubs think of their healing properties? “I found out about Chakrubs through Instagram,” says 20-year-old Dani from New York. “I have the rose quartz one as I wanted something gentle and healing. I used to feel lonely after self-love sessions, but my Chakrub instantly gave me reassuring and comfortable energies. I felt relaxed and connected to myself in a way other sex toys can’t do. I also like to hold it during meditation or massage other areas of my body, like my neck.”
And Dani’s not the only woman to feel this impact from her rose quartz Chakrub. “I’m sensitive to crystals’ energy, so I immediately felt the comfort from the rose quartz,” says Martina, 25, in Taiwan. “It’s far more soothing and peaceful than other sex toys, and I feel a deep calmness after using it.”
But anyone who’s tried to buy a crystal cluster, point or sphere for their home knows that with their beauty and power comes a salary-sapping price tag. The Original Chakrub line ranges from $114-$230 (approximately £84-£170), depending on the size and type of stone.
“I saved up for my amethyst Chakrub for six months,” says 28-year-old Ayesha in London, who bought the most expensive item at $230. “I’d just lost someone very dear to me, and I knew amethyst could help with grief. If there was any way to make those healing energies more intense, and connect with the stone on a deeper level, I knew I had to do it. It’s been a slow process, but after using it for regular masturbation, meditation and sleeping with it on my bedside table for almost three months, I feel more emotionally stable, peaceful, and generally happier with life.”
How can you make sure that, like the women we’ve spoken to, you can get the most out of your Chakrub’s energy and healing powers? “Responses to Chakrubs vary from user to user,” says Vanessa. “Some people feel immediate effects, while others may find their connection takes time. Meditating with your crystal increases the likelihood of feeling its energy. We want people to use their intuition, find what feels right for them, and embrace it. We encourage customers to display their Chakrubs as works of art in their home – this helps eliminate the shame that can come with masturbation, which is an important part of our mission.”

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