This Woman Will Motivate You To Workout

If you, like me, don't much care for cardio workouts (or even working out, period), please allow Leslie Jones to be your motivation. Because even though it can be a bit of a drag, it really is good for you.
In the past month or so, Jones has been documenting her cardio journey on Twitter with some choice gym selfies, often with captions like, "I know it’s late but have to get cardio on!!" and "Cardio is lonely sometimes but I got to do it!"
If you're not already following her (in which case, what are you doing?), we've curated just a few of her cardio tweets for you. In case you couldn't tell, Jones is really dedicated, and it's inspiring as hell.
"I'm procrastinating on going to the gym by checking Twitter and first thing I see — Leslie Jones, preaching Cardio," one Twitter user responded to one of her tweets. "Fine — fine fine fine. I'm off to the gym. Leg Day here I come."
"I've started to work out again," someone else tweeted. "You are very inspiring!"
Cardio workouts don't always involve running — they can include walking, jump-roping, biking, and elliptical training. Essentially, anything that gets your heart pumping counts.
"Cardio is helpful for a whole variety of reasons, from balancing your hormones to cleaning your lungs out to keeping your colon healthy," Cadence Dubus, owner of fitness studio Brooklyn Strength, told us in 2015. To that end, the American Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least 5 days per week for overall cardiovascular and heart health.
If cardio hasn't really been part of your workout routine, it can be helpful to incorporate it in the form of something most of us have fun doing: dancing. Just think — what would Leslie Jones do?
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