John Mayer Thinks His Hands Are Dreamy Wonderlands

John Mayer is known for a lot of things: singing about bubblegum tongues, being Katy Perry's favourite lover, tweeting with Nicki Minaj, dating and subsequently shading Taylor Swift, making weird faces while playing the guitar, saying some problematic things, writing songs the kids can relate to, and wearing two bluetooth earpieces in my favourite Funny-Or-Die video.
He's also, of course, known for his brooding brown eyes and floppy hair. However, you might surprised to learn that the physical features he's most fond of are also his least noticeable – at least when he's not playing guitar. While hanging out with Andy Cohen and Bob Saget on Watch What Happens Live on Monday, Mayer answered a fan question about what makes his body a wonderland.
"I have very good hands. I have very nice hands," he said, as he stared at his digits. "They're like, look, I don't even get manicures or anything, and they're just right. They're right."
I mean, now that I've really taken a look at them, I'd have to agree! He's got some solid hands. These are the kinds of hands that Edward Scissorhands would only dream of having. These mitts would make that hand jockey in Zoolander jealous.
That's not to say they're without their quirks. One finger, in particular, is noticeably larger than the rest.
"Look how big my thumbs are. Like, that's crazy. Those are huge thumbs," he said, before clarifying that he wasn't "stoned at all."
Having large thumbs definitely comes with its perks. It helps with guitar playing, opening things, and hitchhiking. Definitely nothing to scoff at there.
Though we might not all be blessed with naturally gorgeous hands, there are quite a few things we can do to get on Mayer's level, such as strengthening our nails and learning how to give ourselves luxurious DIY manis.

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