People Are Getting Plastic Surgery To Look Like Meghan Markle

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The entire world jumped for joy this week when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially announced their royal engagement. And what's not to be happy about? Markle is a strong feminist, a talented actress, and a proponent of easy snacking hacks. To top it all off, she's totally beauty #goals.
In fact, people have been so inspired by her overall look that they're using her as inspiration before going under the knife. According to Allure, plastic surgery requests for Markle's nose have increased since she started dating Prince Harry; and there's one feature in particular people love.
"Patients started coming to me about six months ago requesting Meghan Markle's nose,” New York cosmetic surgeon Stephen T. Greenberg told Allure. "She has a pretty great nose, but I think the beauty of it is that it isn't perfect. From the profile you can see that she has a very slight dorsal hump of the nose that is almost undetectable when looking at her straight on."
Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley, a clinical associate professor at UCLA and surgeon at Rawnsley Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, told Refinery29 that patients have been interested in an overall nasal structure similar to Markle's — the pointed tip, narrowing of the middle vault, and shortening — for a while.
"I think it kind of falls into the general category of refinements that are possible and attractive," Rawnsley said. "People focus on certain things...Whenever you put somebody like her in the world's imagination, you'll have women looking to create what they feel is refined. They're going to look towards women like [Markle]."
It's important to note that getting plastic surgery (or not getting it) is a personal choice. There's no shame either way, just like there's nothing that inherently needs to be "fixed." What matters is that you feel confident, beautiful, and empowered to make the decision that's best for you.
Though he didn't go so far as to classify the requests as a trend, Rawnsley did say he expects more people will eventually start mentioning Markle when they schedule appointments.
"They will [start referencing her by name] now that this is a national story on how she got engaged," he said.
As for now, Rawnsley said that in Los Angeles, "Kim Kardashian's nose has the most often requested look to it."
Could Markle dethrone the Queen of Calabasas? Only the nose knows.

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