Red Highlighter Is The Coolest New Makeup Trend — & It's SO Flattering

Scroll through Instagram, walk the aisles of Boots, or just check out Rihanna's feed and you'll see: There are a lot of highlighters out there. For a second, we thought we'd seen 'em all — from green iterations, different shades of lilac, and even an "anti-highlighter" so dark you'd think it was meant for your eyelids. And yet, we'd never come across full-blown red illuminators until recently — and we're predicting this colour will be the next big thing in 2018.
Before you ask yourself how TF you're supposed to pull off a red highlighter, we're here to tell you why you'd want to — and the products that are ahead of the curve. According to makeup artist Karla Duarte, this warm, rosy hue was a natural next step after the draping trend hit the scene. And unlike other makeup trends, the reddish shade flatters every skin tone. "It's not stark, like wearing blue highlighter or any unicorn colours," Duarte tells Refinery29. "This colour is more approachable and gives the most beautiful healthy glow on the skin."
Here's the rub: For fair to light skin tones, use the red hue as a blush topper for a pop of luminosity; for medium to dark tones, this doubles as a highlighter and subtle flush for the cheeks. Click ahead to check out the latest products featuring next year's raddest makeup trend.