Gordon Ramsay Is Improving Airport Eats Around The World

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The friendly skies haven't been particularly friendly to food-conscious travelers, but Gordon Ramsay is looking to change all that.
Eight years ago, he opened up Gordon Ramsay Plane Food in London's Heathrow airport. But according to Eater, he's expanding the concept to more airports across the globe, making the flying experience just that much more palatable.
Travelers familiar with Plane Food probably gush about its sit-down options, which include burrata salads, salt-and-pepper squid, and short rib beef burger. Or they drone on and on about how the celeb chef's grab-and-go options are way better than anything served up at 30,000 feet. Soon, more people will be privy to those bragging rights and with the announcement coming right at Thanksgiving travel time, the taste of bad plane food is probably front-of-mind for many travelers.
Eater notes that there's no official list of which airports will get the Ramsay treatment, but global hubs should be scrambling to get on the chef's radar if they know what's good for them.
"Plane Food To Go is a truly revolutionary concept that will roll out worldwide and build upon the massive success of the original Plane Food dining experience from Heathrow T5," Ramsay said in a statement. "As someone who is in a different airport terminal every week, I know first hand how much Plane Food To Go will enhance every on-the-go traveler's dining experience."
Ramsay's statement makes it sound like the new locations will put a focus on the takeaway "picnic" options and not the more formal dining experience at the OG Plane Food, but that's still good news for fliers. Soon there may be no reason to complain about airport dining ever again.
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