Diana Ross' Adorable Grandkids Totally Stole The Show At The AMAs

Legendary singer Diana Ross was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award on Sunday night at the 2017 AMAs, but while it was her night to shine, her grandchildren found a way to adorably upstage her.
Their takeover started slowly at first, with the kids grooving a bit in the audience as grandma Ross belted out some of her greatest hits. Jagger, the daughter of Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, was sadly confined to her father's arms.
Down on the ground, older brother Bronx and cousin Ryan began testing the waters by swaying their shoulders to the beat.
But when the 73-year-old singing sensation invited the little ones onstage, they all but pushed grams aside to bust some damn moves. Limbs were flying, hips were shaking, and legs were lunged.
These kids did not hold back, and both the audience and viewers at home ate it up. "Diana Ross and her family are amazing," one person tweeted. "Those grandkids were killing it on stage with her. So cute!"
Another added, "Ok so I think it's pretty clear that Diana Ross's grandkids need to have their own show!!!! So cute!!!!"
As if those moves weren't perfect enough, the kids then took over her acceptance speech. Ross had barely been able to get out the words, "This is all about love," before her grandson Ryan grabbed the mic and said, "Grandma, I love you, and I'm so proud of you."
That moment was the perfect representation of her endless love and inspiration. Honestly, how many other people would turn a night that's supposed to be all about them into the most precious family reunion? None, and that is why Ross is a living, breathing goddess too good for the rest of us mortals.

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