Watch This Beautiful Modern Dance Set To Your New Favourite Song

When Rae Morris dropped her latest single "Do It" back in September, we were immediately bowled over by the catchy, electro-pop melodies sprinkled with the kind of straightforward romantic sentiment that would put a smile on even the most philophobic among us (the song was originally called "Duet" and was written in the studio with the musician Fryars as their relationship evolved from professional to romantic).
And if you were one of the half million people who streamed the track on YouTube then you might be excited to hear that the 25-year-old English singer has just released a remix by one of our favourite modern classical composers Nico Muhly, who has worked with the likes of Grizzly Bear and Antony and the Johnsons.
So to celebrate this dreamy collaboration, Rae has created a beautiful piece of modern dance set to the song, which she directed herself. Dressed in Ganni, the dancers bring to life Nico's tender and heartfelt reimagining of the track.
Watch the video here and scroll down to read an interview with Rae.
How did the remix by Nico Muhly come about?
I sent him the tune and asked if he'd be up for reinterpreting it, he very kindly said yes and miraculously had the time to do it! I was so fascinated to hear what he'd do. Nico is probably the busiest person I know, always doing a million incredible things at once. His second opera is happening in London right now! No big deal!

What has he brought to the song?
He's brought Nico magic to it! Anyone who knows his stuff will hear the signature twinkles, bells and bliss. If you don't know his work then it's really just a beautifully magnetic version of "Do It" that is so simple but kind of heartbreaking now. I never imaged it could go that way. That's the amazing thing about someone you admire reworking your music.
What is it that you love about modern dance?
Dance of all kinds is very new to me. I only recently started to watch and understand the beauty of it. Before, I kind of let it all go over my head because I thought it had to be perfect and pretty with frilly edges. Modern dance is real and raw if you want it to be. It's you whenever you feel like moving and there's absolutely no right or wrong. I love that everybody and everything is welcome.
Why did you want to make this new video?
Nico's version of "Do It" felt ultra special and very, very different. The song's mood and energy completely changed and it actually tells a different version of the story. The song was originally called "Duet" and the first time I heard what Nico had done, it took me back to that early essence of the song, before it became a full blown pop song. It's a collision of two people; pushing, pulling and revealing themselves to each other. I'm glad we could give it its own space to exist.
Who did the choreography?
Sara Gordon did the choreography. She has the most wonderful energy. We first worked together with Aaron Sillis years ago on the video for "Cold". I've been in the studio with Sara lots recently discovering what it is to be a mover and a dancer. She's helped me so much to unlock a way of communicating that I didn't know I was capable of. Sara is so intuitive with music that she knew exactly what the movement needed to be. She's also known and worked with Robia and Ajani, the dancers, since they were kids which was pretty surreal and added an extra special layer. You can really tell they've grown up together in their movement. I cried the first time I saw the choreography.
How was your experience of directing and is this something you'd like to do more of?
I loved it, you know! I was nervous, not knowing the right terminology and stuff but having Craig the DOP and Sara there, it was the perfect first experience and I'd love to do more, totally. It made me realise how important communication is in creative spaces. If everyone is sharing the same vision, then it's gonna be all good.

"Do It" is taken from Rae’s forthcoming second album, Someone Out There, due for release on 2nd February 2018.
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