Supergirl Heroically Slams Sexual Harassment

Not all heroes wear capes, but this one does.
Following multiple allegations that Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg sexually harassed women in the workplace, Variety reports that Melissa Benoist issued a statement condemning harassment and calling for Hollywood to create a safer environment for all employees.
"I am a woman who leads a show that supports equality and feminism, empowerment, and fighting for what is right. I have always tried to conduct myself this way personally, as well," she shared with her 773,000 followers. "Sadly, the show and my career are part of an industry that doesn't always mirror these sentiments. This is heartbreaking, and at times makes me feel helpless."
Benoist continued to state that despite the entertainment industry's troubling history with sexual misconduct, she remains optimistic that "lasting change is possible." But in order for change to happen, she recognised that offenders "should always be held accountable — no matter what industry they work in or how much power they wield."
She then encouraged readers to speak out "without fear or shame" and to "hold ourselves to a higher standard," before ending her post with an uplifting promise.
"So this week, I'll head back to work on Supergirl even more committed to being a part of changing the norm by listening when people speak up, and refusing to accept an environment that is anything less than a safe, respectful and collaborative space," she wrote.
Benoist's words aren't just refreshing; they're inspiring. So many young girls and women admire both her and her cape-wearing character as a role model, and it's powerful to see her commit to combatting harassment and assault with as much fervour as when she takes on her most menacing enemies.
This wouldn't be the first time she's fought for justice IRL, either. Back in January, Benoist put on her feminist sweater to join the Women's March. She carried a sign that read, "Hey Donald, don't try to grab my pussy — it's made of steel."


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Sorry, but not even Kryptonite could prevent this heroine from her fight to make the world — and television — a better place.

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