The Heartwarming Story Of How Beyoncé Taught Jewel How To Dance

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If you could have anyone teach you how to dance, it would definitely be Beyoncé, right? For us non-famouses, that's only something we can dream about. However, Jewel, the singer known for mid-90s favourites like "Who Will Save Your Soul," got to live out that fantasy IRL way back in 2003 when the two women performed together on VH1's Divas Duets special.
Yesterday, Jewel retweeted a post from a Beyoncé fan account that quoted the folk singer on her experience working with Beyoncé in 2003. The quotes included in the tweet were taken from Jewel's 2013 appearance on NBC's New York Live. While there, she told the show's hosts Sara Gore and Jacque Reid that before the official taping of the VH1 special, which took place in Las Vegas on May 22, 2003, Beyoncé devoted one-on-one time to helping Jewel with her dance moves. She explained, "I'll always be indebted to her because I didn't know how to dance... I'm a freakin' folk singer... I don't dance!"
True, while Jewel is more of someone you would turn to for help writing poems about your feelings, generous Bey still took the time to try and impart her gift on the singer-songwriter from Alaska. Jewel continued in her New York Live interview, "She took care of me. She stayed with me for like three hours after rehearsal. She really tried to make me look good and in this business, that just doesn't happen." When you watch the 2003 special now, it's clear who's the natural dancer between the two women, but that's not to say Beyoncé's 3-hour lesson didn't pay off for Jewel. Take a look:
It seems like even 14 years after the fact, Jewel still regards Queen Bey as "a doll" and "an amazing person." Last week, when the fan account @BeyonceIndo tweeted about the "Intuition" singer's 2013 interview, writing, "Beyoncé is amazing. She stayed with @jeweljk three hours after rehearsal & taught her how to dance well for their VH1 Divas performance," Jewel only had more nice things to say. She retweeted it and wrote, "This is true... she is a class act...."

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