Prince Harry Has Never Roasted A Marshmallow & We Have Questions

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Prince Harry just admitted that he has never in his life roasted marshmallow. We're tempted to call this the most unsettling news ever reported about the royal family, but we're pretty sure that's an overreaction. Still, we're surprised that Prince Harry never got to experience the vital childhood activity of toasting marshmallows over a campfire, but according to People, he isn't that upset about it.
Prince Harry revealed the shocking marshmallow fact earlier this week while visiting a nature reserve in Lancashire. At the Myplace at Brockhole Nature Reserve, he hung out with some kids who were roasting marshmallows around their campfire — you know, as normal kids do — and according to People, he told them "I've never toasted a marshmallow over a campfire." The reason? He said, "They're too sweet for me."
While we find it just a bit difficult to trust someone who calls any food "too sweet," Prince Harry's adorable innocent face makes us want to give him a pass. Still you have to wonder if even as a kid, he didn't like marshmallows. We also think that not liking the taste of marshmallows doesn't mean you wouldn't at least try the treat in a s'more simply because it's a essential part of camping.
In case you were thinking, well, maybe Prince Harry has never been camping. I mean, he is a prince after all. He assured his presumably shocked audience of young folks that was not the case. People reports that the prince explained, "But I've made campfires and slept under the stars more than I've slept in a bed." Again, suspicious.
Prince Harry has long asserted that just because he grew up in a palace doesn't mean he's not a regular guy, and to some extent, we do think he's probably managed to stay somewhat down to earth, especially since he's never going to have the responsibilities of being king. Still, the fact that he's never toasted a marshmallow, makes us fairly certain he doesn't actually do his own grocery shopping.
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