Fergie Tears Up While Talking About Her Split From Josh Duhamel

Fergie and Josh Duhamel shocked fans last month when they announced that they had been separated since February. The couple, who had been married for eight years and share a four-year-old child, always seemed so happy together at red carpet events (though later we would learn that it was "weird" for them to pretend to be something they weren't).
Though the former pair shared in a statement that the decision to separate was a mutual one made out of "absolute love and resect," it doesn't make the reality of being apart from someone you shared a life with any easier. In an exclusive clip from The Wendy Williams Show, Fergie came close to crying after talking about just how difficult the past year has been.
"It wasn't my plan. I wanted to stay married forever," Fergie told Williams.
To make things weirder, Williams then started talking about the origins of Fergie and Duhamel's love story, detailing how he was so enamoured by her that he had "his people" reach out to hers to arrange a conversation. The Double Dutchess singer looked visibly uncomfortable but remained professional, even when Williams made an odd joke about Duhamel no longer being attractive.
"He is, he always will be," Fergie interjected. "I love Josh. He's the father of my child. We forever have that project together, and we're doing the best we can."
As the crowd applauded, Fergie added that Williams "made me cry" and shook off the tears with a laugh. The exchange, IMO, was a bit cringeworthy, but I was happy to see Fergie defend her relationship with her ex, especially since they two have been vocal about their commitment to co-parenting. While speaking with Refinery29 in September, Fergie said that she and Duhamel would always be close for their son, Axel.
"I think that the most inspiring thing is that you can have a beautiful thing like a child together and be great friends even if you're not a romantic couple anymore," she said.
Now that she's made that clear, let's try not to make Fergie cry anymore, shall we?

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