Vegan Hard-Boiled Eggs Are Now A Thing

Photo: Danny Kim
With a plethora of plant-based egg replacements available these days, it's easy for vegans to get by without eggs. Tofu and chickpeas can be used to replicate the scrambled variety and there are various ways to bake and cook without eggs (using chia seeds or aquafaba, for example). And for the laziest among us, there are some decent egg-substitute products on the market.
However, there's never been a way to enjoy the delights of the hard-boiled egg. That is, until now. Vegans may soon be able to munch on devilled eggs, egg mayo sandwiches, dippy eggs with soldiers and scotch eggs, thanks to a group of students in Italy who have created a plant-based version of the hard-boiled egg, Food Navigator reported.
The egg, which comes in ready-to-eat form, is made by combining flours from protein-rich legumes, vegetable oils, a gelling agent and vegan salt. Happily, it's cholesterol-free, unlike hen's eggs, and doesn't contain gluten, either.
The food science and technology students, from the University of Udine, spent a year-and-a-half developing it and are in talks with companies who may be interested in acquiring their patented creation. Let's hope it gets snapped up pronto so we can spice up our Sunday brunch.
Until then, why not get cracking on this alternative vegan egg recipe?

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