Pornhub's Comments Are Filling Up With Recipes

Photographed by Michael Beckert.
Pornhub has its obvious use, but users are taking to the streaming site to drop loads of knowledge, too.
According to Mashable, Pornhub's comments sections are becoming an unlikely place where users can ask for advice, share life hacks, and even offer up recipes.
While this isn't necessarily a new phenomenon, the Pornhub team told Mashable that there has been an increase in comments that don't exactly pertain to the porn. The site reports that many people are asking for recipes — lasagna and Thai green curry are two recent requests — and one particular user is helping out.
Chef_Excellence, staying true to his or her username, is peppering the comments of various videos with different recipes and shortcuts. For example, Chef_Excellence shared that budding cooks who are short on time can opt to salt a chicken, pat it dry, and roast it for deliciously crispy skin. Chef_Excellence also shared a few tips on cooking up the perfect pizza.
Who knew Pornhub was also a hub for epicureans?
"I'm not sure if people are just funnier these days or more creative. Either way, we encourage people to continue to share their life hacks/advice/insight in our comment section," Corey Price, Pornhub's vice president, told Mashable. "I never imagined myself getting some wonderful advice on how to best make some lasagna, but here we are. Watch out, Yahoo Answers.”
Mashable adds that recipes are mingling with lifehacks and fan recommendations. Want to know how to fix a car problem, how much to put into a 401(k), or need some tips on math homework? It's all there, but it's buried along with Pornhub's usual fare. The site is still very NSFW, but with advice ranging from finance to food, HR may reconsider its stance on the site.
Come for the porn, stay for the comments. You never know what sort of tips and tricks you'll find.
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