The Internet Is NOT Happy With This iPhone X Feature

Apple's long-awaited 10th-anniversary iPhone is here, as the company announced at its unveiling event. It's barely been a couple of hours, and people are already unhappy with some of the new features. Last year, there were a lot of negative reactions to the nixing of the headphone jack — this year, it's the home button that's getting users bothered.
The iPhone X (pronounced "10")  features secure facial-recognition technology called Face ID, wireless charging, and even animated emojis. But the most controversial component so far seems to be the elimination of the home button, a feature that's been around since the OG iPhone dropped in 2007. You can unlock the new device by just swiping up.
People on Twitter seem particularly incensed about the lack of home button, wondering what's next after the iconic feature goes away. "Just an empty box?" mused one user. Others joked that if they didn't want a home button, they would have already bought a Samsung Android.
But at the end of the day, it's the $999 price tag that's actually the worst. Because, really?
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