The Lowdown On 'Glass Skin' – K-Beauty's Newest Trend

Evolving from Korean women’s predilection for a baby-like complexion, ‘glass skin’ essentially refers to a perfectly smooth and intensely hydrated complexion with an all-over sheen – just like a pane of glass. “Glass skin is this idea of transparent and translucent skin,” explains Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily. “It's a sign of youthfulness and it's one of the most strived-for qualities in Korea. However, this combination of ultra-smooth texture and super translucency can be hard to achieve with products alone. It's not something you get overnight – it's consistent skincare that gives you that refined texture, the pinnacle of youthful skin.”
Achieving this coveted glow requires long-term commitment, not a quick fix. A glow of this magnitude starts from within, so you need products that will deliver actives into the epidermis, rather than simply sit on top. “Getting this fresh-faced texture comes two-fold – first you'll need an exfoliator to buff skin so it has that very smooth texture. Secondly, a hydrating serum to help give that glass-like appearance,” explains Yoon.
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