Taylor Swift Testified Against Alleged Groper: "He Had A Handful Of My Ass — I Know It Was Him"

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Early in the morning on August 10, Taylor Swift took the stand in a Denver courthouse to testify against the DJ who she says groped her during a concert meet-and-greet in June 2013 on day four of Mueller v Swift. The former radio show host, David Mueller, was subsequently fired after allegations spread about the inappropriate interaction. He, in return, decided to sue her in 2015, claiming she fabricated the story. In 2016, a photo was leaked by TMZ showing Swift and Mueller in a photo with his then-girlfriend. The photo is being used as evidence in the trial, as Swift's team alleges that Mueller's hand was up Swift's skirt in the photograph, which he denies. Swift only seeks a symbolic one dollar while Mueller seeks $3 million in damages, claiming she ruined his reputation.
This photo is the key to the trial, and has thus been the main topic of conversation. On the stand today, according to Buzzfeed's celebrity reporter Claudia Rosenbaum who is one of the few reporters permitted in the courthouse, Swift testified against Mueller and held nothing back. Taking the stand at 9 a.m. sharp local time, Swift started by stating that she was absolutely sure that Mueller "stayed latched on to my bare ass check as I moved away from him visibly uncomfortable." She was the first witness called to stand. The details of the brief interaction are chilling, especially when reading them in succession. It's clear how upset she is getting, and it's a bit jarring to hear her speak so frankly about a man, 20 or so years her senior, touching her so intimately and inappropriately. Swift's mother apparently left the courthouse after her daughter's testimony because she was felt sick after hearing the details her daughter shared.
Swift started by explaining the incident as she remembered it, and that she distinctly recalled his hand going up her skirt.
Mueller's attorney offered follow-up questions to poke holes in Swift's allegations, but she stayed adamant in her claims: He grabbed her butt and then acted like nothing happened.
She even explained that she felt she owed it to the rest of her fans to continue with the meet-and-greet, which is why she acted like everything was initially fine.
Before leaving the stand she said, "I know exactly who did this, this is what happened. It happened to me. I know it was him," adding that she couldn't see what he did because her ass in on the back side of her body.
In total, Rosenbaum reports that Swift spent about an hour on the stand. Next up is her personal assistant, and an executive from the company that fired Mueller.
We will continue to update this story as more details emerge from the trial.
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