A Mum Asked For Receipts Of Her Daughter's Whereabouts & It's Super Relatable

Technology has made it easier and easier for parents to keep track of their kids whereabouts — often to the chagrin of said kids.
When 18-year-old Kaelyn Demmon spent a Friday night with her best friend, her mum, Heather Steinkopf, naturally wanted to know where she was. But instead of just texting to ask, Steinkopf demanded receipts in the form of selfies. And not just one selfie, but four.
Demmon, who lives in Huron, Ohio, tells Refinery29 that she was having a movie night at her best friend Stevie's house when her mum texted to ask where she was. To make sure that she was exactly where she said she would be, her mum asked her to send selfies of herself and Stevie doing very specific things, just in case she was faking out with old photos. Demmon, for her part, obliged.
Demmon posted screenshots of their (hilarious) exchange on Twitter, writing, "I think it's safe to say my mom doesn't trust me."
Demmon admitted her mum may have had cause to ask for specifics: "There have been a few cases where she's caught me at a bonfire when I told her I was just at Stevie's," she tells us.
Plus, she suspects that her mum believed her after the first photo, but couldn't resist running with the joke.
"I think she believed me, she just likes to mess around a lot," she says.
Their exchange, of course, proved to be relatable for other Twitter users who instantly thought of their own mothers.
All credit to Demmon's mum, though — we probably wouldn't have thought to check the receipts as diligently as she did.
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